VŠB-Technická univerzita Ostrava



There is preliminary programme of the conference available at programme section and accommodation offers. Deadline for full paper submission is 5th July 2010.

About REM 2010

In association with the International Network of Mechatronics Universities, the Technical University of Ostrava is organising the above Workshop. You are cordially invited to participate in REM2010, which will take place in Ostrava, Czech Republic.

REM Workshop is, since 1999, a 2-day annual event covering the state of the art, experiences, and new trends in the areas of research, applications and education in Mechatronics. It provides the opportunity to exchange experiences with emerging methods and practical applications across the borders of the disciplines involved in Mechatronics. The Workshop is promoted by the International Network of Mechatronics Universities, whose goal is to exchange experiences in Mechatronics research and education.

Call for papers